Asphalt Tear

These people are mad.

They're driving through like no kids play here.

This is not a race track; this is a community with an asphalt tear ripped through its middle.


One could easily see how happily we could become obsessive gardeners. How we might stop spreading the asphalt and start spreading the gardens out into the parking lots. How we might pull the discharge pipes out of the lakes, rivers and ocean's.

We might not have a perfect plan for what to do with some things, but pouring them down some drain flowing into Earth's natural waters and poisoning the photosynthetic aquatic life which makes most of all the oxygen on Earth, is definitely not the thing to do with them.

It is time we come out of the coma, climb out of the cars, turn down and off some of this gas burning machinery, and garden the place. Not pave it and poison it. But garden it.


Photosynthesis is a very special life process occurring nowhere but within plants, algae, and plankton. These residences of Earth are not only beautiful but there abundance is necessary for the continued existence of all other life forms.

  "Photosynthesis means...light-making...making powered by light."

Within the microscopic cells of all plant life on Earth, the light of the sun powers awesomely detailed molecular machines which make the food we eat and the air we breath. Without Plants, there is no life on Earth least of all for complex organisms like ourselves.

Plant Life

"Plant Life." The briefest sanest articulation in English at the time of this writing.

It has a verb and an object and avoids specifying the subject, thus not losing the team success to individuals' lost on lonely egotrips.

"Save seeds."

Comfortable Silence

Everyone wants to hear their own thoughts out loud, as if it makes them more real and gives them sway over reality.  No one's listening. Where are the comfortable silences, the spaces where words digest among smells and sights, and thoughts are born.

To be interesting, be interested.

Try writing a sentence without using these words: I, me, my, or mine.


  • Stop paving.
  • Increase plants and green space.
  • Decrease gas and fossil fuel burning.
  • Stop poisoning water.
  • Save habitat, help endangered species, stop poaching.
  • Stop overfishing.
  • Decrease garbage, hence wastefulness and excess packaging.
We are all empowered in our daily actions to be moved philosophically and advance real progress... the age of vandalizing creation and fundamental capitalism, the most dangerous religion of all times, must now end.